Katie Hader warns Sheila amid a confrontation that leaves Belle in tears

Katie Hader warns Sheila amid a confrontation that leaves Belle in tears

At Bill’s house, Katie tells him he doesn’t have to do it, and adds: “I did something for you, I can see that.” Sheila, behind her, insists he is with her of his own free will. Katie doesn’t know why he blackmailed Stevie and Finn and she doesn’t need to know why, but she can’t believe he would use all his power and influence to defend Sheila. Katie says this is crazy and funny, and she would never accept it. Sheila bellows that she has no choice. Katie begs Bill to get out of her – this is not the man he wants.

At the cliff house, Stevie and Finn recap the situation with Sheila and Bill. Finn vows he will never let his mother near his family. Liam and Hope arrive. They hear Sheila released her. Liam asks, “How the hell did that happen?” They review how Stevie and Finn were supposed to testify against Sheila at the hearing and want to know what happened. Stevie says, “Your daddy just happened.”

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At Bill’s house, Katie tells Bill he can fix this. “Just pick up the phone and call the police. You have to take her back into custody.” Sheila quips, “Who do you think set me free?” Katie yells at her to shut up – this is between her and Bill. She pleads with her ex-husband to think of his grandson, Kelly. “This woman would have left her motherless!” Katie knows he cares for Stevie and has vowed to protect his family. “We want you to stand up and protect us. Protect us from Sheila.”
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At the cliff house, Liam can’t believe Bill is blackmailing Stevie. “He promised that he wouldn’t say a word, that he wouldn’t go to the police.” Stevie remembers that it was the worst moment in her mother’s life. I can’t believe Bell is trying to get him back in her face. Steffy explains that she cannot risk her mother’s freedom. Hossam asks about the other charges. Finn explains that Mike Guthrie claimed to have taken Sheila from prison against her will. Liam is pained to hear that Bill engineered this and bought Judge McMullen. He cannot understand the motive behind all this. “My dad hates Sheila Carter.” Stevie announces, “Bill and Sheila are engaged.” Liam Jobs.
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At Bill’s house, Katie knows how important his family is to him. I patted his sword, “That’s what this is about.” She pleads with him to protect them. Bill says he will never let anything happen to his children. Katie feels he needs protection too, because he’s toxic! She cries that Bill was hurt but he knows how to love. “She can’t give you that, Bill. She can’t love. She’ll destroy everything you care about. Don’t let her do that!” Sheila interrupts. She patiently stands while Katie insults her but is wasting her time. She does not have the right to determine who Bill can or cannot be with. They love each other and build a future together. Katie understands that her only future is behind bars. “You will finally pay for your crimes. And you know I am right.” She snaps at Belle to say something like, “Tell her I’m right!” He shakes his head slightly and looks at the ground.
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At Steffy’s house, Liam frowns when she and Finn tell him they saw Sheila and Bill kissing. Hope does not know what is going on in Bill’s head. “It’s clearly not okay.” Liam exclaims that he has lost his damn mind! Stevie said she asked if Sheila was holding something on top of him, but he said no. Liam cries and says he needs to talk to his dad. Stevie says Katie is there now and they hope she gets to him.

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At Bill’s house, Sheila challenges whether or not Katie cares about Bill because she left him alone in the house. He reminds her that he is his ex and doesn’t tell him what to do after he gets out. “I took your picture, now is the time.” Katie tells her she’s crazy if she thinks she’s going to live with Bill. “You will not stay another minute in this house.” Sheila vows, “Oh, yeah I am.” Katie turns to Bill again and reminds him of the sweet family moments they had in that house with Will. She begs him not to let Sheila poison the memories. Sheila tells Katie that she is not a strong enough woman for a man like Bill. I worked day and night to try to change it. “You are his past. I am the woman in his life. So, why don’t you do us a favor and leave.” Katie sobbed as she gave Bill a pleading look.
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At Steffy’s house, Hope worries about Katie’s safety with Sheila at Bill’s house. “Just wait for my mom to find out.” Stevie says Katie understands what’s at stake. “You must come for all of us.”

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At Bill’s house, Sheila tells Katie that she left Bill so she can’t make demands. Katie tells Bill that she now realizes how much he’s in pain. “You don’t have to do that. You are loved.” She pleads for him to take her out. “She doesn’t belong here.” Sheila denounces that she has no right to come and asks her to leave. “You’re the one who wants to leave, Katie.” Katie Hollers at Bell to ask her to leave. She wonders how he will explain it to Will, who knows what Sheila did. Sheila interjects that the boy should just know who she really is and not listen to the gossip. Katie grumbled, “You’re delusional if you think I’ll let my baby anywhere near you. I’ll die first. And Bill won’t allow it either because deep down he knows what you are.” She again pleaded with Bill to make her go and send her back to prison. Bill seems emotional while Sheila urges him to make Katie leave. Finally, Bill tearfully tells Katie that she has to leave. Katie gasps, “You can’t mean that. What happened to you.” Sheila says he has finally found love for the first time in his life. Katie walks to the door, turns around, sighs, and then exits. Bill swings. Sheila wipes away a tear, “I know this wasn’t easy. Thank you though. I felt heard and understood. For the first time, I really felt wanted and accepted. Most importantly, I feel loved. I feel really loved.” She kissed Bill and pulled him into a hug. Bill cries on her shoulder.
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