Twins, Chris Baddack agree to an extension

Twins, Chris Baddack agree to an extension

The Minnesota Twins are right-handed Chris Baddack have agreed to a 3-year deal, in twins daily. According to Dan Hayes of The Athletic, The agreement guarantee is $12.5 million. According to John Heyman of the New York PostPaddack will receive $2.5 million in 2023, $2.5 million in 2024, and $7.5 million in 2025, with up to $2.5 million in additional incentives available. The deal, pending material action, would lock the Paddack to one year with a free agent outside the normal window of team control.

Paddack, 27, was acquired by the Twins last April in a deal with the Padres that also saw Taylor Rogers And Emilio Pagan Change of uniform. Unfortunately for the Twins, Paddack only managed 22 1/3 innings with the club before landing on the injured list with an elbow problem. Paddack later underwent Tommy John surgery in May, and August 2023 was the stated goal for his return to big league play.

Paddack had an immediate success in his first season of 2019 with the Padres, posting a 3.33 ERA (126 ERA+) with a 3.95 FIP across 26 starts and striking out 153 in 140 2/3 innings of work. The shortened 2020 season saw him struggle badly, as his ERA swelled to 4.73 (89 ERA+) and his FIP similarly rose to 5.02 across 59 innings pitched. One factor in this was the appalling HR/FB rate of 25.0%, nearly double its rate of 14.6% from 2019.

His home run rate returned to normal in 2021, but Paddack continued to struggle. In 108 1/3 innings pitched in 2021, Paddack posted an ERA of 5.07 (77 ERA+), the worst of his career. Paddack’s 3.72 FIP in 2021 suggests there may have been some bad luck in those results, but there was cause for concern nonetheless: His strike rate has fallen. After hitting 9.8 batters per 9 batters in his first 2019 season, that average fell to 8.8 in 2020 and then dropped again in 2021, down to 8.2, good for a strikeout rate in just 35 percentile that year.

Of course, it should be noted that Paddack has struggled with injuries throughout the 2021 season, which could certainly have affected his performance. Paddack spent more than two months on the injured list in 2021 across three separate IL stints, suggesting he may not have been healthy even when he was in that season. Between his youth and injury history, there’s reason to believe Paddack could return to more consistent form for his 2019 debut once he’s healthy, an outcome the Twins are betting on with this deal.

In the Paddack extension, the Twins offer the right-hander some safety during his rehab process and return to the pitcher’s mound, while buying themselves an extra year of team control for a pitcher with a big upside. If Paddack returns to the mound late in the season, he will join a fairly full rotation mix that currently includes Sonny GrayAnd Tyler MahleyAnd Joe RyanAnd Kent MaedaAnd Billy Uber. With that being said, Gray, Mahle, and Maeda are all gearing up to hit the free agent market after 2023, making Paddack a potential major cog in Minnesota’s 2024 tournament.

With four years of service time, Paddack is set to be arbitration-eligible in both the offseason and the next, with MLBTR contributor Matt Schwartz projecting him $2.4 million during this round of arbitration. With the deal, Paddack is waiving a potential raise through next year’s arbitration process plus a year of free agency, though he’s still set to hit the market at age 30 after the 2025 campaign. A cost-controlled driver is just as Paddack A huge boon for the resilience of Minnesota’s payroll moving forward — while their projected payroll for the 2024 season is only $65 million per roster source (before ARB-eligible players were listed), the Twins are, as previously mentioned, set to lose out. Three members of their rotation this offseason, as well as two of the starting football players in the Joey Gallo And Max Kepler. While he loves the little ones Alex Kirillov And Trevor Larnach They can step outside, it seems almost certain that the Twins will have to complete their core in free agency next year. The cost of certainty with Paddack can help them be more aggressive in making those additions and maximize the early years of it Carlos CorreaNew six-year contract with the club.

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