California Pay Transparency reveals the salaries of major tech companies

California Pay Transparency reveals the salaries of major tech companies

Gizmodo took a look at the salaries for some of the current Apple, Meta, and Tesla job postings in California.

Gizmodo took a look at the salaries for some of the current Apple, Meta, and Tesla job postings in California.
picture: Apple Campus in Cupertino, Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)And Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)And Tesla Factory in Fremont, Justin Sullivan (Getty Images)

California Salary Transparency Act It officially came into force from January 1, forcing companies to disclose the wages they pay their workers. As such, the mystery behind the flow of money through some of Silicon Valley’s largest companies is being unveiled.

This past September, California Governor Gavin Newsom officially signed on Senate Bill 1162 to the law, which requires California businesses with more than 15 employees to post a salary for a job opening. Similarly, existing employees can request their position salary scale from the company.

New York City enacted a similar wage transparency law earlier this year, with Only minor hiccupsNew York State also signed Statewide Pay Transparency Act. Senate Bill 1162 was designed specifically to address gender pay gaps, according to quotes from Gov. Newsom, but an unintended side effect of the state’s transparency law is that it now highlights how much some of the world’s largest tech companies pay their workers.

Gizmodo took a look at three random job opportunities for each metaAnd an AppleAnd Tesla To find out how much these companies pay for different positions. While job posting sites like Indeed offer salary estimates, these salary ranges are likely to be more accurate because they’re straight from the horse’s mouth.

California-based jobs at Meta to push:

  • Software Engineer (Lead) – Producer In Meta Requires 12+ years of programming experience and 8+ years of experience with web or mobile technologies: $205,000 to $281,000 per year;
  • Data Scientist, Machine Learning In Facebook requires at least Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Statistics, related technical field, or equivalent work experience and minimum of 8 years of experience (minimum of 6 years with Ph.D.): From $197,000 to $269,000 per year;
  • Trained Research Scientist, Computer Vision and Machine Learning The Messenger Program requires that the applicant have obtained or are in the process of obtaining a Ph.D. The Meta says that internships last anywhere from 12-24 weeks: $7,313 to $10,250 per month.

California-based jobs at Apple to push:

  • Shipping, receiving and postal lead Requires 5+ years of experience in a fast-paced shipping, receiving, mailing team or similar environment: $29.04 to $43.59 per hour ($60,403.20 to $90,667.20 per year assuming a 40-hour work week for 52 weeks);
  • Technical presentation Generally requires a Ph.D. OR Master’s degree with more than 5 years of experience in a related field: $113,500 and $207,000 per year;
  • WiFi Quality Engineer It is an entry-level position that requires at least two years of experience in both 802.11 protocols and/or software quality assurance methodologies and practices and Bluetooth and requires only a bachelor’s degree: $113,500 and $171,000 per year.

California based jobs at tesla to push:

  • Solar maintenance, lead roofs Requires general hardware and wiring experience along with customer service skills and a valid driver’s license: $14.63 to $52.62 per hour ($30,430.40 to $109,449.60 per year assuming 40 hours worked per week for 52 weeks);
  • Car painter Requires at least 5 years experience repainting vehicles and must be 18 or older: $18.24 to $82.08 per hour ($37,939.20 to $170,726.40 assuming a 40-hour work week for 52 weeks);
  • Associate quality engineer Bachelor’s degree in engineering or a related technical field and a willingness to travel requires: $57,600 to $309,600 every year.

Salary ranges for some jobs are comically huge, which probably isn’t great for a potential employee if you offer them a job on the lower end. But it does give the company and job seekers more wiggle room to negotiate. Each of these companies had hundreds of job openings in California alone, and Gizmodo took a look at a few additional jobs from each company. On the surface, it appears that the Meta offered lower entry positions than Apple and Tesla. Meanwhile, Tesla seems to be leaning heavily into positions that pay by the hour rather than annually. And while centering the tesla As a technology company, there has been The last setback Among investors, he described it as a car manufacturer, rather than a technology company.

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