The GTA 6 leak showed us the future, and now it's hard to get interested in GTA Online

The GTA 6 leak showed us the future, and now it’s hard to get interested in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Vice City – 2002
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Last year, snapshots from the next grand theft auto-It is supposed to be GTA 6—It was leaked online. While Rockstar quickly tried to erase the videos from the internet and plug up the holes in the ship, it was impossible to fit just like these An unprecedented massive leak. So fans around the world took a very good look at the future grand theft auto. And now I find it difficult for myself and others to return to old age GTA Online.

Late September 19, 2022, 90 released a short early gameplay video of what Rockstar later confirmed to be next. GTA Entry leaked online via a hacker. The footage revealed a lot about the next match In the widely popular open world franchise, including that the series will return to Vice City, Florida, a fan-favorite location last seen in GTA: Vice City StoriesA prequel to the beloved PS2 classic, GTA: Vice City. He also gave us a closer look at the new heroes for this next crime adventure and some of the missions we might experience as they happen. GTA6 In the end. Fans have even started mapping out the game’s virtual world using leaks.

Rockstar undoubtedly hates leaking And you most likely want to turn back time and prevent it from ever happening, but it ended up energizing the player base. For the first time in a long time, there was excitement and energy in GTA community that after years of GTA Online updates and Poor reception remaster It was in a very bad place before the leak. Even an early leak, incomplete or unpolished GTA6 It was better than radio silence and catchy remasters. People were pumped and debauched about the future grand theft auto In a way I haven’t seen in years.

But then, once the leaks were removed from the web, it became clear that Rockstar wasn’t going to release any official teaser or trailer to capitalize on the moment, all of that. GTA Fans can do is return to GTA Online. And that’s even harder now that I’ve seen the future.

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The latest major and free expansion to gta online, Los Santos drug warsAnd It was released late last year at a very bad time for me to play and cover the site. So I just… didn’t play it. For the first time in history GTA OnlineAnd You skipped a brand new update. I still haven’t played it. At first, she blamed the skip to the latest update on bad timing and a busy schedule due to holidays and year-end content. But now, weeks after all that, with more free time to play things, I still haven’t triggered the new update. And I think it’s time to admit to myself that I’m growing tired GTA Online Significantly increased by that little taste of what was to come. To look into the future GTA In Florida destroyed me.

I can go back and drive around the same highways and streets of Los Santos that I’ve been roaming since 2013. I can launch the game and see the latest chores and associated tasks. I certainly can. The thing is, I don’t know if I want to. I mean, RecentlyI will play more GTA Online. I have to because it’s part of my job here at Kotaku. However, if it weren’t for a part of my career, there’s a real chance I might never play GTA Online repeatedly.

To be clear: not because GTA Online It’s worse today than it was a decade ago – it’s actually a lot better to play in 2023 than it is in 2013 – but getting a glimpse of a new world has killed my desire To run the same old Los Santos a decade later GTA Online And GTA V game. I mean, just having new songs on the radio would be great. I love Queen’s “Ga-Ga Radio” but you can only hear it so many times in 10 years before you’re ready for new beats too.

at this point, I hope to wait Grand Theft Auto 6 And its sunny beaches, palm trees, and new characters aren’t much longer, because I’m ready to leave Los Santos for a tropical vacation in Vice City.

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