Fire Emblem Engage Trailer Overview, Japanese Commercial - Gematsu

Fire Emblem Engage Trailer Overview, Japanese Commercial – Gematsu

Publisher Nintendo [17,607 articles]href=””>Nintendo and Developer Intelligent Systems [128 articles]href=””>Intelligent Systems released a brief nine-minute trailer and a set of Japanese commercials for Fire Emblem engagement [6 articles]href=””> Fire Emblem Engage.

Here is an overview of the game via


The divine dragon has awakened.

In a war against the Fell Dragon, four kingdoms worked with heroes from other worlds to eradicate this great evil. After a thousand years, this seal has weakened and the fallen dragon is about to reawaken. As a Divine Dragon, use rich strategies and powerful customization to fulfill your destiny – to collect the 12 Emblem Rings and restore peace to the continent of Elios.

Team up with notable heroes from the past fire emblem Toys

Summon brave heroes like Marth and Celica with the power of Emblem Rings and add their strength to yours in this brand new fire emblem story.

  • Marth logo Known as the slogan of beginnings. A hero among heroes, full of nobility and charisma. He reads the enemy’s intentions in battle and responds with a series of blows.
  • Silica logo – Known as the Echoes logo. Princess of a vibrant country, as well as a warrior priestess. Her sacred magic is the bane of beasts.
  • Sigurd logo – Known as the Emblem of the Holy War. Noble knight of mighty lineage. It is characterized by high mobility and powerful spear attacks.
  • Leaf logo – Known by the slogan of genealogy. A brave prince with the blood of the Crusaders flowing in his veins. A versatile knight, proficient with axe, sword, and spear.
  • Roy’s motto Known as the binding logo. Nabil excels as a brave and intelligent general. Withstands enemy attacks and cuts a path with his sword.
  • Emblem Line – Known as the Emblem of Fire. A skilled swordsman from a nomadic tribe living in nature. Defeats close enemies with her sword and distant enemies with her bow.
  • Erica’s logo – Known as the sacred emblem. A tender princess holds her sword for peace. Her shining sword shatters her opponent’s defenses.
  • Ike logo Known as the slogan of brilliance. A famous mercenary leader with unparalleled skill in battle. He destroys obstacles with his mighty sword and axe.
  • Micah logo Known as the Dawn Logo. Bearer of strange healing powers as well as visions of the future. Supports allies with luminous magic and a healing staff.
  • Lucina logo Known as the slogan of awakening. A royal heir who knows anything can change and will not give in to despair. Creates bonds with allies, and gathers their strength to attack enemies.
  • Corinne logo Known as the emblem of fate [35 articles]”href=””>Fate. A person with an iron will and the blood of the first dragon. He can tap into dragon veins, a magic that sleeps in the ground.
  • Bilith logo Known by the academy motto. A mercenary became a teacher. He owns many effects of heroes and knows a variety of tactics.

new faces

  • Aliar Success Company [74 articles]href=””>The successor of the Divine Dragon has awakened from a long slumber. He summons the Logos to lead the world to peace.
  • Divine Dragon Lumeira – Divine Dragon and ruler of the sacred land of Lithos. You defeated the Fell Dragon 1,000 years ago.
  • Fram – Stewardess of the Dragon’s Apprentice and the determined and adopted twin sister of the Clan.
  • Alfred – Faithful and loyal Crown Prince of Viren. He constantly trains to strengthen his constitution.
  • Diamant – the majestic Crown Prince of Brodia. He is deeply trusted by his people for his strong and honest behaviour.
  • ivy – Mysterious, sad Princess Elusia. She never relaxes from her royal, icy flair.
  • Timera – Crown Solomon outgoing champagne. Known for being accessible and accessible to all.
  • I am – a merchant traveling from a wintry part of Eleusia. She is a cunning and cheerful skater.
  • Elephant – A mysterious girl who suddenly appears by the name of Aliar is ambushed by Corrupt. Looks like she’s on a journey to find someone.

Engage in a new combat style

Apart from merging skins, Engaging allows you to use weapons, skills, and more from these Legends during battle. Turn-based tactical combat is back with the all-new Engage system to add even more layers to the strategy.

Welcome to Somniel

Explore the paradise of Somniel, your base of operations, located in the skies above the continent of Elyos. It hosts a variety of facilities and activities for the player to prepare for the upcoming battles and strengthen bonds.

Fire Emblem engagement The switch is set to go out [12,801 articles]href=””>Switch on January 20th worldwide.

See the footage below.

Trailer overview


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